Bucky-Ball Soccer or “the C60-Party!”


Hey there, finally I can present you the logo of the congress party. Here it is:

As most of you will already know, the party will take place in the easyCredit stadium (the former Frankenstaion, one of the wolrd championship 2006 venues). You will enter the stadium via the players entrance and besides drinks and dinner there will be a lot of entertainment, e.g. be part of the “Human Kicker”!!!

Dinner and drinks will be all inclusive, so you can have an unforgettable evening for 48 EUR (students) or 58 EUR (regular participants) respectively, which is really a fantastic deal.
So come to Nürnberg, join the conference, let’s party together and be part of… the special surprise at the end of the party!

See you in Nürnberg!

2 Responses to “Bucky-Ball Soccer or “the C60-Party!””

  1. P. Heine Says:

    Sounds awesome…i have never visit the stadium and a party in it sounds really spectacular.
    But another question, what is a “human kicker”? I never heard of it. I will think about it next time, because it sounds really like a unforgettable event, you shouldn`t miss, but 48 € is still very much money for student :D.

  2. David Eckensberger Says:

    What a “human kicker” is… well exactly what you imagine. Take a group of persons, harness them into a kicker like device (just a little bit bigger) and try to make them move like one person (abolutely impossible…) As everyone is “locked” in place, you sometime have to get away from the ball to get one of your buddies close to it, so you have to act against what your natural impuls would be while playing soccer. Overall it’s great fun! If you want to see some pics, just search for “human kicker” in the internet…

    And regarding the price for the party – come on! 48 EUR but with a bufett and all(!) drinks included?!? I think that’s a great deal. Just go out on a weekend, I think most of the “poor students” will spend more money then in bars etc. than 48 bucks.

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