Birth of a journal


Chemical Science is – or rather is going to be – a new chemistry journal published by the Royal Society. I’m not entirely sure why we need another general chemistry journal that no one can really read thoroughly anyway, but anyway, I registered for the newsletter and just got the news that the very first paper of the new journal just went online.

The reason why I mention this is that the author of this is well-known to readers of this blog: It’s Bert Meijer from the Eindhoven University of Technology, who will be in Nürnberg at EuCheMS 2010. He is this year’s plenary speaker at the supramolecular systems session and we already introduced him to you here.

His work now published online is about his main area of research, which is the self-assembly about supramolecular structures, in this case non-covalently bonded polymers. The basic idea is that the monomers don’t have reactive ends that form covalent bonds but carry structures that have a strong affinity to each other (think Biotin and Streptavidin). This means that for one the monomers have to be a lot larger: Meijers molecules consist of polymer chains with either about 20 or about 60 Atoms between both end-groups, which consisted of two parts of Ribonuclease S, which form a strong non-covalent bond.

The other difference is that such polymer chains are not fixed but exist in an equilibrium depending on the affinity between the end groups. Meijer et al . researched this equilibrium between long chains and macrocycles at different concentration. There’s also a video interview:

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