About Liquid Crystals, Helmut Ringsdorf and the Way of Thinking


My PhD-thesis is already a couple of years ago. However, last Wednesday, I was relegated to those days in the early nineties when I synthesized and characterized discotic liquid crystals in Mainz. Last Wednesday, my doctor father, Helmut Ringsdorf, got for the first time the newly designed Alfred-Saupe-Medal for his lifework about liquid crystals and self-organizing systems (by the way: you cannot get any information about this, even on the webpage of the German Liquid Crystal Society (DFKG), which created this award. So it is good to have this blog).
But this is not the point I would like to make. In his acceptance speech Helmut Ringsdorf mentioned again how important it is for scientists – yes to learn – but for the very young people not just to learn, to follow and to step into foot prints of the professors and teachers, but to find an own way of thinking and acting.
So, everybody, but especially the young ones: Let it flow, give space to your own creativity, create new ideas, go new ways – leave the stamped out scientific tracks.
The 3rd EuCheMS Chemistry Congress 2010 in Nürnberg is an excellent signal in this context.
Final advise for today: Do not forget to apply for a stipend for young scientist. GDCh will support young people in a – believe me – phantastic way. Guys from other countries. Ask your national societies. If you do not have contacts: do not hesitate to contact us.

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