New Journal will be introduced in Nürnberg


Just a short note: Please cross your fingers, but the publishing house De Gruyter is planning to invite the participants for a special event to introduce the new journal BioMolecular Concepts.

This is strong support for multidisciplinarity, as you can read here by De Gruyter: “BioMolecular Concepts is a peer-reviewed, rapid-publishing journal fostering the integration of different fields of biology, including cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, epigenetics, neurosciences, and developmental biology. The journal publishes reviews, conceptual overviews and research papers on a wide range of topics. The reviews should cover the latest results in the corresponding research areas. The research articles should report novel results of broad significance, ranging from the role of single molecules to the organization of cellular networks and entire organisms.” More Information

One Response to “New Journal will be introduced in Nürnberg”

  1. P. Heine Says:

    Sounds pretty awesomen, I am studying molecular bioscience in the 6 th semester now. And i am allways looking for good magazines, where you can find this spectrum of different biological fields.

    But wait and see what the first critics will say. ^^

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