Un-Official Framework Program in Nürnberg


It seems that there will be the science ship MS Wissenschaft as well as the science truck of the Fraunhofer Society in Nürnberg during the conference time (at least for some of the days).
Even as they aren’t part of the official program, it’s a very nice add-on for all participants and corroborates the importance of the congress. So while staying in the Franconian capital, consider visiting these two as well.

See you in Nürnberg!

One Response to “Un-Official Framework Program in Nürnberg”

  1. P. Heine Says:

    Sounds really interesting, I ve never heard of that science ship.
    I will come to see it…. ^^ where they can better represent the science than on chemistry congress. And it is definetly a good contrast to the typical inside congress activities.

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