Blog from the AAAS Annual Meeting and win $250


There is a rather interesting offer out for scientists interested in reaching out towards the general public. Science Magazine is opening its online coverage of the AAAS Annual Meeting 2010 for guest bloggers. So if you go to San Diego next month consider posting your impressions from the conference on the official blog. That is, if you have something substantial to say. Knowing the internet, Science makes it entirely clear what they don’t want:

Rants, cut-and-paste jobs from presentations you’re giving, or stenography. We don’t want a synopsis of the session you just attended or delivered, but rather its surprising, salient points spelled out for a lay audience.

This sounds like they really aren’t sure if they should do this. However, there will be a prize for the best blog entry, so it may be worth it.

Prizes will consist of: 1st place: The 1st Place Winner will receive $250; 2nd place: the Second Place Winner will receive a fully paid one-year subscription to Science Magazine; 3rd place: the Third Place Winner will receive a AAAS t-shirt in the style and color selected by Sponsor.

If I win, I want a black one. Of course I won’t win, because first, I’m not going and second, I’m not american. I find the second requirement somewhat puzzling, but on the whole the idea is a good one. I hope other journals and organisations follow this example.

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