Newsflash: Travel Grants of JCF Frankfurt now open for application!


Good news to start the year!

After already announcing that the Young Chemists of Frankfurt were planning to provide travel grants for (PhD)students from Eastern Europe, I finally can tell you: Yes, they can – and did it!

At their homepage you’ll find a link (up right “Travel Grants” or in the menu “Stipendien”) that directs you to the application ‘frame’. There you’ll find all information how and where to apply for a JCF Frankfurt Grant. As a special service the guys at JCF provided the text not only in englich but also German (well, guess that was easy…), Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian and Bosian. (Anyone who wants to place a bet which languages will follow?!?).

So Good Luck! to all that will apply for a grant and
See you in Nürnberg!

2 Responses to “Newsflash: Travel Grants of JCF Frankfurt now open for application!”

  1. Philipp Heine Says:

    Well, good to hear. And 250€ seems that it is really enough money to get to germany and back.

    But how they choose them, I mean only 10 grants are available, is it random? Or have they other criteria, for example only one per country?

  2. David Eckensberger Says:

    Hi Philipp,
    just check out the linked website and you’ll find out. There will be a committee that chooses from the submissions. Usually in this case the basic criteria is the quality of the work. As the JCF says that they want to support chemists from Eastern and Middle Europe I understand that in a way, that they also want to enable participation for chemists that do a good job but don’t have the neccessary money to travel there. If you know somebody fitting the requirements, just tell that guy to submit an application!

    See you in Nürnberg!

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