Remember, remember the …


ninth of November.

Today, as many will know, 20 years ago the Berlin Wall fell. This landscaping event – though caused by an inadequately briefed minister of the GDR government – not only changed the face of Europe but of the whole world. The subsequent change of formerly communistic regimes to democracies brought the citizens their personal liberty, but it also opend the scientific world. And tearing down the frontiers not only meant that the scientists of the GDR now had access to all publications and equipments, the world could start to benefit from many creative guys that now started to discuss theories, published their work, had an entirely different approach to some aspects and so on.

Reading this entry, you may: Why is that intetresting for the 3rd EuCheMS Chemistry Congress?
Well, think about it. Without the fall of Berlin Wall there would be hardly something like EuCheMS (even as EuCheMS was founded in 1970 – best times of the cold war – its work and its ranking for scince would be completely different!) or the upcoming congress. Many participants will come from Eastern Europe and this would have been impossible. So remembering the events 20 years ago means being aware of the fact that we all have a privileged time right now and we are all well advised to keep this in mind!

So if you wanna celebrate something today: Celebrate the freedom of scientifc research!

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