Plenary Speaker for Analysis, Manipulation and Simulation: Joshua Jortner


Joshua Jortner uses advanced laser technology to probe a wide range of dynamical systems in chemistry, notably energy acquisition and dissipation. He made significant contributions to the study of chemical dynamics and extended the boundaries of chemical physics towards whatching chemistry happen on the time scale of nuclear motion.

Jortner will hold the plenary lecture of the Analysis, Manipulation and Simulation session at EuCheMS 2010 Congress in Nuernberg. Scheduled is, among other things, a workshop about the latest developments in theoretical chemistry, a field he extensively worked on.

Besides his scientific endeavours he served as president of the Israel National Academy of Sciences and Humanities and advised three israeli Prime Ministers on matters of science. He holds seven honorary degrees from israeli, german and french university and holds the Wolf Prize in Chemistry. He has an endowed Chair named after him. The one honor that wasn’t bestowed upon him is the Nobel Prize, but this, too, appears to be just a matter of time.

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