Silly String – Halloween Fun and Mine Detector


I have to say, I really like C&EN News articles…

With Halloween coming this weekend I stumbled across this article, named Silly String. Well as we all know, in every chemist there’s still a child hidden deep (or not so deep) within and Silly String is (besides the interesting polymer chemistry its based on) some fun stuff. Even though its use more widespread in the US, we still know it and I personally love it. But I was much more fascinated to read, that US troops in Iraq use silly string to detect trap wires of hidden bombs, installed to harm the soldiers. The properties of Silly String to stick to nearly everything upon the slightest hint of contact without being harmful of flammable makes it a perfect tool to detect the small wires of traps that can hardly be seen by humans. Even though I do not want to start a discussion on Iraq war, I salute to the cleverness of the trosps and much more I admire the chemists invernting Silly String in the 1970s for their chemical invention. A good example that chemisty is a versatile and multi-faceted profession.

So all I have to say now is: Happy Halloween!

One Response to “Silly String – Halloween Fun and Mine Detector”

  1. Manuel Keller Says:

    One of the rare events where a perfectly useless and ridicoulous but fun invention is actually put to good use and capable of saving lifes! I bet the actual inventors are still tearing their hair for missing out on such a glorious USP for their product. All hail chemistry!!! What would the world be without it…

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