Plenary Speaker for Innovative Materials: Klaus Müllen


This session will cover a particularly wide range of topics, from Nanoparticles to functional Polymers. The job of holdingb the introductory lecture falls to Klaus Müllen, President of the German Chemical Society and Director of the Synthesis section of the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research. Müllen is uniquely suited for Plenary speaker, since his publications deal with the synthesis of many different advanced materials.

Prof_MüllenOne important research topic that appears in many of his works is the self-organisation of small molecules into supramolecular aggregates, in the comparatively simple condensation into an ordered solid-phase as well as in the formation of DNA adducts with organic counterions.

He is also involved with improving the efficiency of dye-sensitized photovoltaic cells, which are named for Michael Grätzel, who will also hold a lecture at the EuCheMS Congress 2010. Müllen received several prestigious awards for his works, among them a honorary doctorate from the University of Sofia.

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