Newsflash: Grants for Young Chemists from Eastern Europe by JCF Frankfurt


Now, this is a nice information making its way on my desk:

The JCF Frankfurt am Main is planning to provide up to 10 grants (each worth 250 EUR, thus equalling the regular registration fees for student members) for participants in 3rd EuCheMS Chemsitry Congress. Besides the fact, that they are somewhat the first to announce this, they decided to support young chemists from Eastern Europe with these grants. The details how and where to apply aren’t fixed yet, but this news is exciting by itself.
I’m convinced that this gesture will strengthen the community of young chemists in Europe and represents the idea of EYCN in the best way – young chemists support young chemists!

4 Responses to “Newsflash: Grants for Young Chemists from Eastern Europe by JCF Frankfurt”

  1. Dominik Margraf Says:

    Wow! That’s an incredible gesture from Young Chemists ikn Frankfurt for European Young Chemists. It’s often a rather tough job to get travel grants during ones undergrad studies. Let’s hope a lot of applications will end up in Frankfurt. Thanks JCF Frankfurt!

  2. David Eckensberger Says:

    Oh, I’m pretty confident that finding students for the grants will be no problem… 🙂
    It will be much more difficult to figure out the rules to decide who will get a grant or not. I hope, there will be a meeting of JCF Frankfurt members and the “awardees” at ECC2010 cause it would be a great opportunity to expand JCF (and personal) networks – let’s see what happens.

  3. Philipp Heine Says:

    Well i think it is a very good idea.
    after the EU enlargment in the last years this is a good way to involve these countries in the “Western” European Science and for the young chemists a great chance to get in contact with scientists outside their region.

  4. Newsflash: Travel Grants of JCF Frankfurt now open for application! « Says:

    […] already announcing that the Young Chemists of Frankfurt were planning to provide travel grants for (PhD)students from Eastern Europe, I finally can tell you: Yes, they can – and did […]

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