German Young Chemists (JCF) on 3rd EuCheMS Chemistry Congress 2010


Evelyn Wuttke - Board Member Jungchemikerforum Guest article by Evelyn Wuttke for the Board of the JungChemikerForum Germany

Dear Chemists,

From August 29th until September 2nd 2010, the third EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, themed “Chemistry, the Creative Force” is held in Nuremberg. This congress is organized by the GDCh on behalf of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Science (EuCheMS). This event is held in a two year rhythm, having started in 2006 in Budapest. The last EuCheMS in Turin was very well received, and consisting of more than 2000 participants. Therefore, this is one of the biggest events for chemists in the European Region.

In these tense times for economy, a working network is of profound value. The EuCheMS aims for young scientists to present their results and to help them find international contacts and support. A broad framework is planned by the Young Chemists Network (EYCN), focused on young scientists’ interests.

Not only is the EuCheMS Chemistry Congress a memorable occasion, but the town of Nuremberg is itself worth a visit. Joined by the neighbouring towns of Fürth, Erlangen and Schwabach, the Nuremberg region is the cultural and economic centre of Franconia. Historical documentation reaches back to the 11th century. The history is coined by various moments of historical value. Apart from these, based on the important role Nuremberg played during the National Socialism, a major responsibility for human rights has risen. The town of Nuremberg therefore assumes a leading position in maintaining peace and human rights. To support this, the Way of Human Rights, a monumental outdoor sculpture, was built. Another noteworthy sight is the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rallying Grounds. It is a museum within the north wing of the unfinished remains of the Congress Hall of the former Nazi party. Its permanent exhibition “Fascination and Terror” is concerned with the causes, connections, and consequences of Nazi Germany. Apart from historical locations, the pittoresque city of Nuremberg consisting of various little cafés and cozy bars near the castle is worth a visit.

The EuCheMS Chemistry Congress provides an ideal platform, to establish international contacts and to widen ones cultural and historical horizon.  Hence the JungChemiker is specially invited to the EuCheMS Chemistry Congress.

Yours sincerely,

Evelyn Wuttke for the Board of the JungChemikerForum Germany

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