Data Fraud @ ETH


The Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich is one of world’s top addresses for teaching and research in natural sciences. The ETH is proud that over all 21 scientists associated to this institution won a Nobel Prize for their work, 10 of which come from the field of chemistry (including the 2002 Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Kurt Wüthrich).
Today, we can read of a “not so nice” incident in the current issue of C&EN dealing with Data Manipulation at ETH (September 28, 2009; page 11). It seems to be, that two papers and also a doctoral thesis from Peter Chen’s research group are based on forged data. Different allyl radical spectra acquired through ZEKE photoionization could neither be reproduced nor could the raw data material be found. Sadly, Chen – who was initiating the now finished investigations by himself! – is not allowed to discuss this case or the final report publicly as the student who performed the experiments comissioned lawyers to ask Swiss courts to block the reports’ public release. Ralph Eichler, president of ETH, said to C&EN: “It’s very important for researchers to know that it makes no sense to fabricate data. It will always come out because science relies on reproducibility.” That’s true!

One Response to “Data Fraud @ ETH”

  1. veena naik Says:

    dear sir,
    A research student is always required to submit the original scans and electronic data to the research guide or the corresponding auther. this is mandatory. May be a research guide has a faith and undue advantage is taken by the student, but very rarely.
    There must be some provision in the research ehics for such incidences,

    by rule a student has to submit the original log book, reference work and results and the electronic data along with the copy of athesis submitted to the university. this must be a compulsion.A cpoy can remain with the student.

    otherwise students deny, and the corresponding auther has to face the

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