Why you should come to Nürnberg 2010


nullGuest article by Prof. Dr. Andreas Hirsch

For students and young researchers the very favorable opportunity arises to learn more about the new trends and developments in all fields of modern chemistry. They will get in close contact with world leading scientists. The plenary and invited lectures delivered will provide a powerful stimulus for the independent development of the young chemist’s careers. Also the presence of congress attendees from big chemical companies will be beneficial for students and young scientists, since this allows for establishing first contacts with potential future employers.

The Department of Chemistry of the nearby University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, which currently ranks as one of the top Chemistry Departments in Germany and Europe has nominated the local organizing committee. One of the major activities of this committee is to organize a couple of satellite meetings to be held in the nice surroundings of Erlangen and Nürnberg like the so called Franconian Switzerland. Since the Department of Chemistry in Erlangen is closely integrated in the Cluster of Excellence: Engineering of Advanced Materials the thematic foci of the satellite meetings will range in the field of new materials, catalysis and energy conversion. These highly interdisciplinary topics are of course also on the agenda of the EuCheMS congress itself. In this way international experts in these fields will also have the opportunity to meet with their Erlangen colleagues and their students in scientifically stimulating and relaxing atmosphere provided by the selected satellite meeting venues.

I feel honored and am very proud to take the important role of co-chairing within the organization of the 3rd EuCheMS chemistry congress in Nürnberg representing the European Chemistry Highlight of the year 2010. Me and my Erlangen colleagues from the local organizing committee are looking very much forward to meet with so many chemists all over the world during the EuCheMS congress and at the satellite meetings. They are especially open to be contacted by students and young researchers. The Chemistry Department of Erlangen offers many possibilities to establish scientific collaborations or to host post doctoral fellows.

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