The 2 Faces of Nanoparticles


After all the news of nanoparticles related to diseases and the toxicity of nanomaterials (e.g. Y. Song’s article in the Europen Respiratory Signal reporting of pulmonary diseases observed at chinese workers or my blog entry from August, 17th), I found an article last week that goes in the opposite direction:

Hossam Haick and coworkers from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology reported on Diagnosing lung cancer in exhaled breath using gold nanoparticles in nature nanotechnology.

Haick and his group identified more than 30 characteristic substances indicating lung cancer and developed a gold nanoparticle based array. Their arry doesn’t need preconcentration of the samples and even works in high humidity. And as the arry is inexpensive it offers a quick check on lung cancer thus increasing the chances of a successful treatment.

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