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DominikGuest Article by Dominik Margraf

The first day of the scientific program has passed and I do not dare to comment on its content. This should be up to any one attending the conference. All I can say is that I enjoyed the meeting so far. I simply want to point out a great start event hosted by chemistry students of Goethe-University, Frankfurt. It was called “Night of Chemistry” and addressed a rather general audience, but most important children of all ages (this also includes most chemists – at least to my mind). One spectacular demonstration of what I would like to simplify as super absorbers soaked with water was given by Gerd Göbel (Febbex Innovation Ltd. and an honorary member of the Young Chemist Society Frankfurt). He sprayed some of this water/super-absorber mixture on the hood of his car and tried to set his car on fire using a propane torch. As you can already guess his car did not explode. It was protected by a layer of water released from the super-absorber. An absolute high-light for all kids thanks to Gerd and the active students from Frankfurt. Please continue organizing lecture series like this!


Gerd Göbel setting the night on fire.

3 Responses to “Little update from Wissenschaftsforum”

  1. David Eckensberger Says:

    Unfortunately, I had no time to visit the Night of Chemistry, but I know experimental lectures of Gerd Göbel from other occasions (still rmemeber the 15-20 m fire tower caused by a fat explosion! 8-0
    It’s always a great moment when he starts trying to burn down his own Mercedes! THIS is what I call “trust in your own product!”
    Maybe one should ask the Nuremberg-JCF to organize something like this for the EuCheMS Congress? Burning stuff is always appreciated by chemists… 😉

  2. Dr. Holger Bengs Says:

    My personal highlight at Wissenschaftsforum 2009 was the ceremony of the Karl-Ziegler award given to Professor Paul Knochel from the LMU in Munic on Monday evening. In his lecture Paul Knochel gave an impressive overview of his scientific work: organometallic zinc compounds (“think zinc”). However, I was even more fascinated by the person “Paul Knochel” and his personality. Prof. Knochel was really touched that this precious price was given to him. He talked about science and its fascination in a very authentic manner; and he shared a lot of his enthusiasm with everybody in the audience. – If I still were a student I would have definitely asked Prof. Knochel whether I could conduct my PhD or post doctorate work in his group. As well as the scientific subject it is also the atmosphere within a research group that is important. – So here´s my advice: Don´t be shy in contacting honored scientists. Wissenschaftsforum Chemie in Frankfurt was a great opportunity for this. Try again in Nürnberg next year.

  3. Jan Brauns Says:

    Being biologist and reading this I remember my organic chemistry lessons in biochemistry once. Using fire and doing something different that looks dangerous makes the audience awake just from all the theoretic lessons! Next time I’ll join the Wissenschaftsforum, too.
    Very nice pic => Fire and Action!

    See you in Nürnberg

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