Never too Old for Matchbox Cars: Nanotrucks


DominikGuest Article by Dominik Margraf

Even though this publication in JACS is a little older (actually from 2006), it is one of my favorite articles of all times. And as we are already discussing rather strange contributions to the nano-world (see Toxicity of Nanomaterials) this fits quite well. Kelly et al. at Rice University made quite an effort in order to synthesize a molecular car. These nanovehicles are composed of three basic components that include spherical fullerene wheels, freely rotating alkynyl axles, and a molecular chassis. The use of spherical wheels based on C60, better known as Buckyballs, and freely rotating axles based on alkynes permits directed nanoscale rolling of the molecular structure on gold surfaces.

NanotruckPicture from article abstract.

Seems like chemistry still is a playground for grown adults and one is never to old for matchbox cars… (I told you, Mum!) EuCheMS 2010 nanoparticle symposia will surely provide an excellent mixture of such science and fun.

Dominik Margraf

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3 Responses to “Never too Old for Matchbox Cars: Nanotrucks”

  1. Dr. Holger Bengs Says:

    Hi Dominik, nice to hear from you via this channel. How are you doing? What about your thesis, what about your doctorate and writing applications? However, I am quite sure that you will make your next career move in due course – active among the young chemists of GDCh you must have a perfect network for that purpose. And you can even strengthen it next week at the German Wissenschaftsforum Chemie in Frankfurt. I am sure you do not need Nürnberg anymore for getting a job, but I am sure it will be still a good opportunity for international partnerships for you and your employer. I am looking forward to meeting you and your friends in Frankfurt as well as in Nuremburg 2010.

  2. Dominik Margraf Says:

    Dear Holger, my thesis is finally completed, thus I feel excellent right now (Do you still remember how it felt?). The next step will surely be the jobfair at the Wissenschaftsforum in Frankfurt. Nobody currently looking for a job within the chemical industry should miss this opportunity. However, I will attend the Nuremberg conference in 2010. The possibility to meet such a large community from numerous fields of science is simply great. The last EuCheMS in Torino was already inspiring – but I’m 100% sure Nuremberg will be even better.

  3. David Eckensberger Says:

    When I first saw your contribution, Dominik, I was immediately thinking of the good old NanoPutians (J. Org. Chem. 2003, 68, 8750-8766) as potential drivers. They were funny stuff too and they fit this topic perfectly. Unfortunately, I forget where I had the article, but a few minutes ago I literally fell over it.
    Conclusion: Chemists are just big kids handling with dangerous stuff… 🙂

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