Looking back, and looking ahead


Whoever chooses the venue for the biennial EuCheMS Chemistry Congress surely has a knack with choosing attractive locations: In 2008, the about two thousand participants convened in the old Fiat car factory in Torino, which sports a spectacular on its roof. The event before that took place in the ancient city of Budapest, rich in history and spectacular public baths.

The third Conference of this type will take place in Nuremberg. Once the german emperors held court here, and in the last days of August 2010 the city will be host to the royalty of the european and worldwide chemical sciences. Beginning on August 28th, the third EuCheMS Congress is themed “Chemistry – the Creative Force”, and (hopefully) thousands of chemists will heed the call.

They will have to choose from 21 symposia, their topics ranging from Polymer Sciences to New Developments in theory, together with a number of social events and other satellite meetings. The latter to be held, presumably, in one of the beer houses: Nuremberg is the center of a centuries-old beer tradition, and around it there are more small breweries than anywhere else in the world.

I’m sure this counts for something.

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